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Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy in Bronx, New York

Get comprehensive Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy in Bronx. Tailored to meet your unique needs by experienced primary care doctor.

NYCDocs has always been a one stop solution for comprehensive Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy in Bronx. The team is well structured with certified primary care physicians and internal medicine doctors in Bronx, NY. Are you suffering from anxiety and chronic depression? Are there any other mental health conditions that are impacting your regular lifestyle?

We have behavioral health counseling and therapy to treat these conditions. Our specialized support for substance abuse like drugs and alcohol, is focused to make your life a peaceful one. The addiction specialists of NYCDocs are experts in counseling of smoking cessation as well. Sexual Counseling is one of our unique and specialized features.

Individualized and Compassionate Counseling

Individualized and compassionate counseling is approached to ensure your balanced mental, emotional, and physical health. Our general doctors are empathetic enough to understand and find out all the concerns of your mental and physical health. NYCDocs maintains the highest standard of treatment in terms of ethnicity and multicultural diversity. Consider our multilingual approach as a unique feature in New York. We have Spanish speaking doctors in Bronx to treat the Spanish speaking patients.

NYCDocs has been serving the best behavioral health counseling and therapy in Bronx. We are serving the locale of New York for the past 15 years. This local primary care clinic is teamed with the best Mental Health Doctors in New York.

In Bronx, NYCDocs offer various Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy. Our counseling program treats mental, physical, and substance abuse. 

Anxiety Disorders Counseling in Bronx

In this modern era we all experience challenges in life. Anxiety has become a part of life by impacting the quality of life. People suffer from panic attacks, social anxiety, certain phobias, or post-traumatic stresses. Visit NYCDocs and talk to our mental health specialist in Bronx. Our PCPs will help you to deal with these challenges and stay healthy emotionally and psychologically. 

Trauma-Related Disorders Counseling

Some individuals experience mental health issues due to various physical reasons. Post surgery, pregnancy and trauma can lead to depression. Our Behavioral Health Counseling program is designed to address the underlying reasons and provide the understanding of distress management. Any psychological concern or grief needs detailed assessment to avoid chronic depression. 

Depression Counseling

Anyone can feel depressed because of their personality trait, medical condition, financial difficulties, relationship problems, work-related issues or any other reasons. Our therapists will thoroughly assess the patient to understand the specific reason behind it. We will find out the triggering point of your depression. We promise to provide you a safe ambiance, where you can express yourself. Your thoughts and feelings are valued without the fear of judgment.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Visit NYCDocs comprehensive behavioral counseling and therapy if you have a history of substance abuse. Our session will address the psychological aspect of your substance addiction. We will help you to develop coping skills and help you focus on your positive lifestyle changes. NYCDocs offer counseling for alcohol and drug abuse for 15 years in New York.

Specialized Sexual Counseling In Bronx : Women, Men

We care for your sexual health and well-being. To function mentally and physically, visit NYCDocs for Sexual Counseling for Men and Women in the Bronx. If you are looking for awakening counseling for couples and sexuality, we have the ultimate solution for you. Our sexual counselor conducts comprehensive assessment from psychological and emotional aspects. We offer counseling for Menopause, Hormonal Changes, Fertility, and Family Planning for women. Proper Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy is needed regarding safe sex. As a result you can keep yourself safe from STDs like HIV, HPV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc. When you will be talking to our best mental health doctors, they will boost your confidence about your body image and increase your self-Esteem. We also offer sexual abuse counseling in Bronx, New York. NYCDocs offers sexual addiction counseling for both males and females. Our Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy in Bronx are there to help you develop self self control and lead a productive life. 

Other Types of Counseling

During the pre-employment and occupational physical exam, being mentally fit is very important. The process is lengthy and happens in many different steps. Our goal is to address your stress and help you with various coping mechanisms. Being anxious is a very common symptom in the occupational physical exam. This may affect the good outcome. NYCDocs provide postpartum depression counseling also to the community of Bronx County. 

Our procedure for the Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy in Bronx involves sessions of therapy and treatment. A medical assessment will determine the way of procedure. Talk therapy sessions are done to understand your thought process, feeling, and personality. Our trained counselor applies CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and psychodynamic therapy based on your unique needs. 

NYCDocs have the best Primary Care Physician (PCP) and Internal Medicine Doctor in Bronx. Our PCPs are well trained and experts to provide general healthcare. We perform the initial assessments and referrals to advanced care as a part of collaborative care in Bronx. 

NYCDocs is located very close to the Cross Bronx Express Highway. The wide parking lot will feel safe, and secure while getting behavioral counseling from our doctors. We care for the safety of your vehicle as well as you.

Insurance Coverage

We accept almost all the insurances available in Bronx, New York. We cover Oxford Health Plans, United Healthcare, Molina Healthcare, healthfirst, healthnet, EmblemHealth, Empire, Humana, Magnacare, MetroPlus Health Plan, Medicare and Medicaid, etc. If you don't have any insurance plan, take our walk-in appointment. 

Counseling is always a good option for your personal growth. Our Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy in Bronx is structured to help you to overcome challenges in life. Life challenges can happen due to mental or physical reasons. Our doctors at NYCDocs are ready to empower you to make your journey very smooth. We prioritize your healthy, happy, and peaceful life.

Make an easy appointment with NYCDocs to ensure your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. From mental health to anxiety recovery, we provide you with total support. Substance abuse support is one of our specialized services. Our website is very user friendly to make appointments, filling up forms, and reporting for your BP & BS.