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Collaborative Care Service in Bronx - NYCDocs

NYCDocs offers Collaborative Care Services in Bronx through primary care service and mental health services in Bronx.

Mental health plays an important part in an individual's good health. People with poor mental health have a risk of many physical health problems. People with good mental health tend to have a healthier immune system, cardiovascular health, and overall overall superior physical health condition. NYCDocs offers Collaborative Care Services in Bronx that offers primary care service and mental health services at our medical clinic. Our primary care doctors believe in holistic approach to healthcare and offer mental health screenings also during your regular wellness visits.

What is Collaborative Care Service?

Collaborative Care is a comprehensive method of providing primary care and mental health services together as part of the treatment plan. NYCDocs treat mental health conditions of the patients, like depression and anxiety, in the familiar setting of their primary care clinic. 

NYCDoc’s Experienced and Compassionate Team

Our collaborative care team consists of experienced primary care providers and mental health specialists in Bronx. You can trust our certified doctors for treating your mental health conditions in our primary care settings. Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, or other behavioral challenges, our experienced experienced health doctors in Bronx can provide counseling services to help you with your mental well-being. Due to our multilingual features, we also have Spanish speaking doctors who provide collaborative care to Spanish speaking doctors.

Personalized Approach

Our healthcare professionals in Bronx will work with you to create personalized care plans based on your physical and mental health screening results. We take your personal medical history and understand your concerns, and goals. If you are suffering from any mental health concerns, we provide one to one counseling. We also  refer to specialists if needed. Through our collaborative care, we provide continuous monitoring and follow up to track progress. Then we make necessary adjustments to treatment plans and ensure you consistently receive the support you need.

Accessibility and Convenience:

You can address both physical and mental needs of your health during a single visit at our clinic. 

This integrated approach improves accessibility and convenience for the patients. Patients do not need to seek separate clinics for mental health care. We also provide pre employment and post employment physical examinations to assess the health and fitness of employees. We are one stop healthcare service provider in Bronx.

Our primary care clinic is highly accessible to everyone. It is conveniently located near the Bronx Highway. We have a large parking space. You do not have to worry about parking your car.

Conditions Addressed by Collaborative Care

At NYCDocs, our experienced doctors offer primary care service for wide range of health issues. We treat for common cold, urinary tract infections, diabetes, and high blood pressure. We also offer vaccination service, preventive care and geriatric care in Bronx. We also treat mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, through behavioral counseling and therapy

Women’s Health

Our female primary care doctors in Bronx also prioritize women's health through collaborative services beyond just routine check-ups. Our preventive care services including breast and cervical cancer screening. We provide mental health services to treat depression, and anxiety. Our compassionate doctors understand the specific needs of women. Thus they provide a safe space for addressing both physical and mental well-being within the same primary care setting to achieve optimal health.

We ensure that clients receive personalized treatment for their mental and physical health. NYCDocs’s collaborative care approach focuses on helping you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Schedule your appointment today and experience the benefits of integrated primary and mental health services under one roof. We also offer walk in appointment!