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DOT Physical Exam in Bronx, New York

If you’re a commercial vehicle driver and looking for a new commercial driving license or renew an existing one you will need to complete the DOT medical exam. DOT/CDL Physical Exam procedures become a hassle free experience with the FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner of NYCDocs in Bronx. The Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers in NYC consider our DOT physical doctors as the first place to go for their CDL in Bronx.

What is a DOT Physical Exam?

DOT Physical Exam procedures become a hassle free experience with the Certified DOT Medical Examiner and Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician of NYCDocs in Bronx. The Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers in NYC consider our DOT physical doctors as the first place to go for their CDL in Bronx.

For jobs requiring public safety under federal law, people need to go through a DOT physical examination taken by DOT physical doctors before being employed to ensure that they are physically and mentally stable. DOT stands for the Department of Transportation.  

Anyone who drives commercial vehicles for a living needs to go through an examination to ensure that they are mentally and physically stable and pose no threat to the public. This examination is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and carried out by DOT physical doctors. If you are an individual getting into a driving job, you will need a CDL (commercial driving license) and a DOT medical card.

DOT Physical Exam at NYCDocs

Walk in Appointment: We offer walk-in appointments in our Local Primary Care Clinic at 1888 Westchester Ave, Bronx. This DOT CDL Physical Exam center is located very close to Cross Bronx Expy Highway.

Experienced: For the last 10 years NYCDocs has been serving the locale of Bronx, NY. 

Multilingual Specialty: Our specialized DOT Physicians have multilingual specialty to communicate with you in your preferred language. A Spanish speaking internal medicine doctor and Spanish speaking nurse practitioner is our unique feature in Bronx. 

Location: Our DOT Physical Exam Center is located at assessable location in Bronx with a big and wide parking lot to park your vehicle safely. 

Insurance: We accept insurance for all the primary care in Bronx as well as for your occupational physical exams like DOT Physical. 

Criteria for DOT Physical Exam

The DOT medical exam is mandatory for individuals who

  • Transport substances such as concrete or other chemicals for which the vehicle is marked with placards.
  • Are paid to drive motor vehicles that carry more than 8 people
  • Drive a vehicle that is used to carry 15 people or more
  • Drive motor vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds

Dot Physical Exam Bronx

What do DOT physical exams consist of?

The DOT physical doctors in Bronx will make you go through the following parts: 

Vision test

For passing this test, you must have a 20/40 acuity with or without your spectacles. Also, a peripheral vision of 70 degrees is a must.

Hearing test

With or without your hearing aid, you must be able to listen to a forced whisper within less than five feet.

Blood pressure and pulse rate check

Our Primary Care Doctors will look into your blood pressure and pulse rate to check for irregular heartbeats or hypertension. Any digit under 140 systolic and 90 diastolic will be allowed. Higher than these two values will be considered as high blood pressure. In the first stage, you must take the exam annually. In the second stage, you will get to drive but must reduce your blood pressure to normal within three months. At the final stage, you must stop driving until you get your blood pressure in control. If your blood pressure hits 180/110, you fail the test. But you can reapply if you get it within 140/90.

Urine test

Your DOT physical doctors will do a urinalysis to check sugar levels and detect conditions like diabetes. Also, if there is any foreign substance, such as illegal drugs, you will fail the exam. 

Sleep apnea test

This is done to determine your capacity to drive for long hours. If you are sleepy during the day, have headaches, gasp during sleep, dry mouth while waking up, or simply snore loudly, you will need to be checked for sleep apnea.

Physical examinations

Our Internal Medicine Doctor in Bronx will check your overall appearance. Sometimes, there are underlying conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration in the eyes, perforated ear drums, and tympanic membrane scarring in your ears. Thus, there is a need to check your eyes and ears. Your throat, mouth, and respiratory system will be checked for problems. Also, your internal organs will go through a thorough check-up just in case you have an enlarged liver, irregular heart sounds, visceral issues, muscle weakness, etc. Moreover, if you have any neurological problems regarding reflexes and movements, it might affect your overall analysis. 

Cost of DOT physical exam in Bronx 

Whether or not insurance is involved, the DOT physical doctors in Bronx (NYCDOCS) charge $95. $85 is the exam fee and the rest is for federal reporting. 

How to prepare for DOT physicals?

The CDL DOT medical exam in the Bronx is a simple check-up by DOT physical doctors. But if you belong in the plus-size community or are recovering from a disease, injuries, etc, all your medical records need to be with you.

It is always wise to refrain from eating processed foods, consuming alcohol, smoking, etc. Not having a smoke, coffee, or any beverage 30 minutes before the exam is necessary. You should wear loose clothing and bring your visual or hearing aids if you have any. Avoid using the washroom just before the appointment.

What to bring to the DOT physical examination?

If you are signing up for the DOT medical exam, you need to bring

  • Complete the driver’s information
  • Medical history and records
  • Papers of past and current medical conditions
  • Hearing and/or visual aids
  • A complete list of medications with the names of the prescribers
  • The most recent test results if you have diabetes or have similar conditions
  • Contact information

What to expect during the DOT physical exam?

The DOT physical exam is a comprehensive test by DOT physical doctors that varies from your annual health check. You will be tested thoroughly by DOT physical doctors if you have diseases or underlying conditions that make your driving hazardous to you and others.

We have Suboxone detox treatment and counseling service for any sort of substance use history. We help you to recover and become a successful Commercial Vehicle Driver. 

You will need to fill up three forms:

Medical Examination Report (MER) Form, MCSA-5875 that is completed online at the center

Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC), Form MCSA-5876 received after passing the DOT exam

Insulin-treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment, MCSA-5870 form must be completed from a certified medical examiner (CME) 45 days (or less) before the DOT physical. This is mandatory only for insulin-treated diabetes patients.

Disqualifying conditions for a DOT physical exam

If a person has below-mentioned issues, DOT physical doctors will disqualify them.                            

  • Loss of hands or feet or any kind of amputation
  • Finger or hand tremors or a disease that prevents proper grasping
  • Limb defects or impairment
  • Cardiovascular issues that may cause heart failure during driving
  • Respiratory disease, epilepsy, or any other conditions that might cause the loss of consciousness
  • High blood pressure
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Red-green or any color blindness that hampers reading signals and road signs
  • Records of suicidal or homicidal actions and attempts, psychosis, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depressive disorder etc., mental health issues
  • Consumption of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, opiates etc.


Unless there is an issue, a DOT medical certification stays valid for two years. People with extreme medical conditions may have the validity of their certificates shortened to one year in certain cases. It is important to renew the certificate every two years, as failure to do so could strip your permission to drive in the future.


How long does a DOT physical exam take?

Ans. On average, a DOT physical takes 30 to 45 minutes.

How often should the exam be taken?

Ans. The exam must be taken every two years. But people with high blood pressure need to take it annually.

What happens when I fail a DOT physical?

Ans. If you fail a DOT physical, you can always get a second opinion and apply elsewhere. Also, failing means your license will revert to a regular driver’s license.