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Know about the DOT drug test and things to do if you fail the test.
commercial driver fail in DOT Drug test
Apr 09, 2024 258 views

Drivers under the influence of drugs cannot take proper mental and physical decisions. They lose their focus and the ability to give instant reactions. That’s why to ensure the safety of the operation of large commercial vehicles and public ,commercial drivers in the U.S. have to take the DOT drug test according to FMCA. NYCDocs conducts Drug and Alcohol Testing service as part of their DOT Physical exam in Bronx.

In this blog, we will discuss details on the DOT test, its consequences, and how primary care can help you.

When Do Drivers Take the Drug Test?

Drivers have to take the drug test when-

  • They are newly appointed as CDL driver
  • If their characteristics such as behavior, appearance, or smell cause suspicion of drug abuse
  • If they caused accidents or incidents while driving and lead to fatalities or injuries
  • FMCSA-regulated employers must randomly conduct drug test to their drivers throughout the year
  • If they violated DOT drug regulation previously, they must pass the test before returning to work 

What Do DOT Physical Exams Consist of?

The DOT physical exam requires a variety of screenings. The list of physical tests includes vision, hearing, and urine tests. Our certified doctors also check blood pressure and pulse rate. Sleepiness while driving can cause accidents. That’s why sleep apnea is checked as well. To identify underlying conditions, the respiratory system, mouth, and other organs are checked as part of physical examinations.

Understanding DOT Drug Testing

For every person hired as a commercial driver of bus, truck, train, airplane, etc., DOT Drug Testing is mandatory. To ensure the safety of the road and its citizens the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) takes the results of this test seriously. Passing this test required drivers to stay away from illegal drugs and consumption of certain prescribed medicines. The most common drug test conducted to commercial drivers is the 5 panel drug test. This urine test checks for THC, Opiates, PCP, Cocaine, & Amphetamines.

Why Do Truck Drivers Fail Drug or Alcohol Tests?

The reasons why truck drivers fail drug or alcohol tests are:-

  • Positive test results for personal consumption of drugs or alcohol 
  • Lack of awareness or understanding of DOT regulations regarding drug and alcohol use.
  • Use of prescribed medicines that influence the test results
  • If a driver tries to tamper with the test sample then he will fail the test
  • A refusal to take the drug test will also make the driver fail the drug test

Consequences of Failing a DOT Drug Test

The consequence of failing the DOT drug test is removing the driver from their duties. Some drivers can be sent to probationary period in case the employer wants them to correct their mistakes. And as an extreme punishment drivers can be terminated from their jobs. Failed test results remain mentioned in the FMCSA Clearinghouse database. So it can affect their image and future employment opportunities. 

Seeking Professional Help

Drivers who failed the DOT drug test have to get help from a DOT-certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) to return to work. These professional doctors are specialized in assessing drug related issues and provide personalized treatment for recovery. They take interviews of the drivers to learn the reason behind drug abuse. Based on this, they develop the rehab program and offer support and guidance.

The Role of a Primary Care Center

Here’s how you can overcome your substance abuse problems with the help of a primary care center.

Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation

After failing a DOT drug test, you can come to a primary care center for help. We offer a comprehensive checkup. We will talk with you to know the types of drugs you use or for how long you have been using them. We will also conduct several medical evaluations to identify any underlying medical issues behind your actions.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Based on our evaluation of your specific needs, we design your treatment process. As a part of the treatment plan, we offer counseling and behavioral therapies. We also provide medication to control your withdrawal symptoms.

Medication Management and Support

Patients under medication management for substance abuse need constant support and monitoring. Our professional physicians keep the patients under their extra care. We monitor the effects and side effects of the medicines and adjust treatment if needed for the best outcomes.

Mental Health Support

Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, etc., can be reasons behind the drives to abuse substances. Our mental health doctors provide counseling and other forms of support to heal the mental issues of our patients. 

Education and Resources

We have education programs for both the patients and their families. We provide information on various topics like lifestyle changing tips, coping mechanisms, recovery strategies, techniques to prevent relapse, and so on. Patients recover quickly when their families are educated about the situation and provide support.

Why Choose NYCDocs for your DOT Physical Exam?

NYCDocs is a DOT physical exam center situated in the Bronx. We have been offering service for around 15 years. We have multi-lingual specialized DOT physicians to provide you with the best service. Contact us to get a comprehensive assessment of both physical and mental health. We offer walk-in appointments.


Will a Failed DOT drug test show up on my background check?

Yes, your failed DOT drug test report will be written on your track record. Your future employer will be able to see your test status when they will conduct background check on you.

How long does a positive DOT drug test stay on my record?

Your positive DOT drug test stays on your record for around 1 year after completing the return to duty process.

What Happens If I Fail A DOT Drug Test Twice?

In case you fail the DOT drug test for the second time you will have to repeat the return to duty process.

Who Reports the failed DOT drug test?

A medical review officer must report the DOT drug test to the FMCSA clearinghouse.

How to prepare for Return to Work after failing DOT drug test?

You need to start preparing yourself after completing your rehabilitation program. For that you have to contact your employer to know the rules for returning to work. Also, to regain their trust you have to show them your eagerness to work again maintaining the safety protocols.

How to embrace a fresh start after completing the return to work process?

You have to leave behind your past life before starting your new work life. Maintain positivity within you and never think of returning to your old life. Rebuild your relationship with the company. Drive with a fresh mind and give your and the public's safety the highest priority.