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Comprehensive annual physical exam and wellness program in Bronx, New York

NYCDocs offers best primary care and internal medicine services in the Bronx, NYC. For more than 15 years, our PCP, Ataul Chowdhury, MD has been serving the wide community of Bronx. We have the goal of making healthcare accessible, convenient, and individualized.

Choose NYCDocs for Your Annual Physical Exam

Regular health check-ups are the primary focus at NYCDocs. It promotes your entire well-being. It is not a one size fits all exam. Our annual physical exam services in the Bronx serve as a way to thoroughly analyze your health condition, correct any existing concerns, and help you prevent future conditions.

Our Expertise

Experienced Physicians

Our team consists of many physicians with various expertise. We also have a female internal medicine doctor in our primary care clinic in the Bronx, New York. Language is not an obstacle at NYCDocs and it shouldn't stop you from getting proper medical care. Our physicians have gone through the highest level qualifications and are up on their knowledge of the most contemporary developments in medicine to offer you the best possible treatment.

Convenient Location

We are located near the Cross Bronx Highway exit. Our wellness exam program is easily accessible for the patients across New York City. We have quite a big parking space for the safety of your vehicle. We make sure that you stay stress free during the assessment.

Comprehensive Services

Our offered health assessments include routine check-ups and preventive care screenings. We have blood sugar monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, EKG/ECG (electrocardiogram), immunization, hearing and vision tests, and cancer screenings. Our comprehensive wellness exam involves women’s health and geriatric care. Behavioral counseling is offered in our comprehensive services. We prioritize continuity in assessing your health and well-being. 

Advanced Facilities: 

Our primary care clinic, NYCDocs is very close to a high quality imagery center. It enables us to perform proper diagnostic tests and imaging services. Our facilities are here for your accurate and timely intervention for any ongoing condition. 

Referral System: We have a system for referrals to provide expertise treatment. We can refer you to advanced care. Your health is our first priority. We make sure that you get both medical and follow-up care that you need. 

Walk-in Appointments: Illness is uncertain, and we can get sick unexpectedly. In these instances, we offer walk-in appointments. We make sure that you get appropriate care when you need it most. You may experience sudden illness or a serious medical condition. Our team is prepared to provide specific care and support.

Insurance Coverage: Our services are insured by the insurance company. We are able to help you climb the insurance processes and optimize the advantages you receive. we will ensure that you obtain the care you require without incurring additional expenses. Our team of professionals will get together with you to make sure of the coverage of your insurance and answer queries regarding billing or payment-related issues.

Our Annual Physical Exam

Our comprehensive annual physical exam includes the following components:

Review of Medical History

We will carefully evaluate your medical history. It helps us to look into your previous conditions, surgeries, medicines, and heredity. We understand your medical history to provide proper care and identify any potential risks or medical conditions. We offer female and male annual physical exams in our clinic. 

Physical Examination

We perform in-depth assessments to evaluate your general health. We offer screenings for high blood pressure and cardiac activity. We offer screening and imaging for your internal organs. We offer assessments for heart, lungs, abdomen, and neurological function.

Routine Check-Ups

Our program includes routine screening of various health issues. NYCDocs provides screenings for hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity. These interventions and assessments help our practitioners to identify any early indicators of disease, which allows us to do early intervention and management. 

Preventive Care

We have comprehensive preventive care services in NYCDocs. We provide screenings for cancer, mammograms, and Pap smears. To protect you and your family, we provide vaccination and immunization. 

Lifestyle Modification: Lifestyle and habit are the main factors in staying healthy. At NYCDocs, we provide guidance on modifications to lifestyle to reduce the risk of illness. An annual physical exam in the Bronx is important for a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer personalized healthcare plans for your particular needs and health concerns. 

Blood Tests: Internal medicine doctors of NYCDocs conduct various blood tests for your annual physical exam. We do blood tests to detect blood sugar and cholesterol levels. We also detect kidney function and liver function to protect you from potential risks. By assessing your blood work, we will identify other concerns of health. Fasting is sometimes necessary for blood tests. Contact us for any further information or make an appointment to ensure accurate blood work results.

Women’s Health: Annual physical exam for women is very important for women’s health in Bronx, NYC. Monitoring women’s health is highly prioritized here. We have a female internal medicine doctor for your well-being. We offer accurate screening and imaging for breast cancer screening and Cervical Cancer Screening in the Bronx. Visit our clinic for your current health conditions or symptoms. Have faith in us and visit NYCDocs to experience compassionate care and support when you need it the most. 

Geriatric Health Check-ups: Our clinic offers detailed annual physical exams for seniors in the Bronx. As they age, their health conditions become very vulnerable. They require frequent health check-ups and care. Annual physical exam is the most crucial thing for senior citizens. 

Personalized Recommendations: We provide personalized recommendations for maintaining and improving your health. We have lifestyle modification counseling for diet and exercise changes. We provide expert guidance for your medication management for chronic conditions. Our referrals to specialists for further evaluation or treatment are for your better treatment. 

NYCDocs is here to empower you about your own health. Prioritize your health and well-being. Our primary care clinic NYCDocs is here to support you every step of the way. 

Make an appointment with us and schedule Your annual physical exam today. We look forward to serving you at NYCDocs, your trusted partner in primary care.


What is the annual physical exam in the Bronx?

The annual physical exam is a yearly physical exam. The exam is done by certified primary care physicians and internal medicine doctors. It assesses your overall health and detects any risk factors.

What is included in an annual physical exam?

Annual physical exam is a comprehensive physical exam that includes many tests and procedures. The doctor may assess your medical history and physical examinations. We check for vital signs like blood pressure, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. The doctor might provide immunizations and vaccinations for your disease control. Appropriate blood tests are done to assess your overall health.

Is the annual physical exam covered by insurance?

NYCDocs offers an annual physical exam in Bronx, NYC that is covered by insurance. If you have your personal insurance plan, visit our PCP for your yearly health check-ups. 

Where to get an annual physical exam?

In the Bronx, New York or the surrounding areas visit NYCDocs to get a comprehensive annual physical exam.

Can I eat before the annual physical exam?

If you are going for a blood test or other diagnosis that needs to be done in an empty stomach, talk to the doctor about the issue. Consulting with your physician for your wellness exam will clear your confusion.

Are annual physical exams necessary?

This is very necessary for you and your family. Visit your PCP or internist in the Bronx at least once a year. 

How to schedule an annual physical exam in Bronx?

Schedule your annual physical exam at NYCDocs. Call us at (917) 634-9600 or visit our website. Find the appointment button on the right corner and click on it.