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Best Primary Care Bronx
Best Primary Care Bronx

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We excel in urgent and direct primary care, guaranteeing you the best patient service possible!

Best Primary Care Bronx, New york
Best Primary Care Bronx, New york
Best Primary Care and Internal Medicine Physicians in Bronx
Ataul Hakim Chowdhury - Primary Care Physician in Bronx, New York
About NYCDocs

Best Primary Care Physicians in Bronx, New York

NYCDocs in Bronx is your one-stop primary care provider with over 15 years of experience in NYC. Our experienced and compassionate Primary Care physicians provide personalized care that has led to better treatment outcomes in NYC for more than 15 years. Primary care and Internal Medicine are our signature services. Conveniently located in the Bronx near a highway exit, our Primary Medical care center ensures high accessibility. Attached to an advanced imagery center and with ample parking, we prioritize your well-being, offering a seamless healthcare experience. Our efficient and quick referral system ensures that the patients receive timely and appropriate primary care. Our diverse team of multilingual physicians ensures clear communication. Our Spanish-speaking doctor provides the best Internal medicine care to Spanish-speaking patients. Our Primary Medical care center in Bronx, NY, offers accurate diagnostic services like blood tests and imaging.

We focus on your well being and provide occupational health services in Bronx including Drug and Alcohol Testing, TLC Physical and Screening, DOT/CDL Physical, Firefighter Physical, and Employment physicals. We offer immunization and vaccination services for all ages. Experience the best annual physical exam in our clinic. Our mental health services consist of Behavioral Health Counseling, and Suboxone Detox treatment.

We offer walk-in appointments and urgent care services provided by the Best Primary Care Doctors in Bronx. Our female internal medicine doctor, offering preventive care services from routine check-ups, to breast and cervical cancer screening. We offer insurance from a wide range of insurance providers. Our Primary Care Physicians in Bronx also offer direct service to patients who don't have an insurance plan. We offer collaborative care service through providing comprehensive primary care and mental health services in Bronx. Do not hesitate to book an easy online or walk-in appointment with NYCDocs in Bronx, New York.

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We Offer The Following Services Listed Below

Primary care and Internal Medicine in Bronx

Internal Medicine Doctors in Bronx

Immigration Medical Examination in Bronx

Immigration Medical Examination in Bronx, New York

DOT Physical Exam New York

DOT Physical Exam in Bronx, New York

Preventive Care in Bronx

Preventive Care in Bronx

Womens Health Service in Bronx, New York

Best Womens Health Service in Bronx

Internal Medicine Tests & Procedures Bronx

Internal Medicine Tests & Procedures in Bronx

Best Medical Marijuana Doctors in Bronx at Primary Care Clinic

Find your best Medical Marijuana Doctors in Bronx, New York.

Immunization and Vaccination in Bronx, NYC

Immunization and Vaccination in Bronx, New York

Our Specialties

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Focused Personalized Care

Our enthusiastic primary care physicians in Bronx are devoted to focusing on your personalized care. We are wholeheartedly prepared to acknowledge your unique need for Tests & procedures. Our service is patient-centric so that you get the best experience of a primary care doctor in New York. Our comprehensive style of treatment makes sure that you get primary care in detail and thoroughly. The best Telehealth Services In Bronx are provided to you so that you receive the best emergency or urgent care in New York. Our Primary Medical care center in Bronx, NY, has the Best Cardiologists And Heart Specialists In Bronx, New York. In our Immunization and Vaccination service in Bronx, NYC, we offer COVID-19 vaccination and other immunization services as well. The Internal Medicine Doctors And Primary Care in Bronx offer DOT Physical Exam in New York. Our internal medicine doctors are also experts in Immigration Medical Examination to make your immigration journey smoother and easier. The best Medical Marijuana Doctors in Bronx are here in NYCDocs to provide you with the solution for your medical marijuana intake.

Cutting-Edge Technology

NYCDocs is well equipped with the latest medical technologies to ensure you the best primary and internal care in New York. We prioritize your highest quality primary care. Without thinking twice, we have been investing remarkably to ensure the most precise and impactful treatment for the residents of Bronx, NYC. We are always updated with any new upgrades of any technology in medical science. Our telehealth service and virtual consultation have adapted the advancement of technology to connect you with our primary care doctor remotely. We offer tracking of your wearable devices such as smartwatches for fitness trackers. Our virtual consultation is more convenient and accessible for remote patients and patients with mobility difficulties. They can get consultations virtually for their health advice, regular follow-ups, and updates on the management of chronic conditions. Our Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have been updated tremendously. We archive your data for you and the doctors so that it can be accessed anytime in an emergency. As a result, you receive an accurate personalized service without wasting a second.

Comprehensive and Trustworthy

Our comprehensive and personalized service includes a broad spectrum of treatments and examinations. We provide Urgent Primary Care, Preventive Care like Immunization, Vaccination like COVID-19, and Non-Invasive Surgeries. Our examination and certificate services include DOT CDL Physical, Medical Marijuana, and Immigration Medical Exams. Our server has the most trustworthy security system. Our website is implemented by HIPAA-Compliant. We protect your Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with Privacy, Security and Integrity. Our HIPAA-Compliant uses AWS for our Database. The dedicated server of NYCDocs meets high standards of security that meet the strongest and most protected environment for your medical records. We prioritize your data’s safety and handle your medical data securely. So that you can focus on your primary care and stay tension-free. If you go through our website, our smart and secure database design will give you confidence in the protection of your critical information with confidentiality. As the best Primary Medical care center in Bronx, NY, we aim to be your first place to go for your family care and we ensure the ambiance is open so that you can freely talk to our primary care physicians.

Our Expertise

NYCDocs has a team of experienced primary care physicians in Bronx, dedicated entirely for the best primary care services in Bronx, New York. Our primary care doctors of the best Primary Medical care center in Bronx, NY, are specialize in a diverse field of primary care, like emergency care, cardiology, immunizations, and vaccination, and other services like Medical Marijuana, DOT CDL Physical, Immigration Medical Exam, etc. Our internal medicine doctors are experts in treating adults for their internal organ care. Our primary care doctors hold an experience of 28 years in the primary care sector of New York City. Multidisciplinary Electronic Health Records (EHRs) help hundreds of patients receive the most worthwhile personalized care in NYC. The well-organized website ensures a smart service that is very user-friendly for our patients, virtually and physically. Our 24-hour virtual service is always open to provide you with emergency support. Our Primary Care Doctors are spontaneously responsive to any requirements of our patients. Our best primary care Doctors ensures that you are in a proficient and compassionate atmosphere when you come to NYCDocs for Primary Care Physicians in Bronx, New York.

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Medical Director

Ataul Chowdhury, MD

Dr. Ataul H Chowdhury is a well-known, board-certified doctor with more than 25 years of experience in the field of internal medicine. He specializes in offering thorough medical care and treatment. Dr. Chowdhury is affiliated with several hospitals in New York, including Abrazo West Campus. He holds a valid medical license issued by the state board in New York.

Primary Care Doctor

Internal Medicine

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