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One-stop solution to the Immigration Medical Exam
Immigration Medical Exam
Jan 01, 2024 977 views

I 693 report, also known as Immigration Medical Examination (IME) is a compulsory requisite for green card medical exam in Bronx, New York. The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) medical exam in NYC is conducted by the immigration doctor of NYCDocs in New York. The USCIS medical doctors of NYCDocs are certified and designated by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. While you are currently living in the US, your green card medical exam should be done by an immigration medical doctor who is certified and assigned by the USCIS. Green card medical doctors are called Civil Surgeons too. 

Apply for USCIS i 693 and i-485 adjustment of status altogether. Immigration Medical Exam is included in the adjustment of status. That’s why the IME is done by a USCIS-certified Civil Surgeon. This green card medical exam cannot be done by a regular doctor. The doctors of NYCDocs near you in Bronx, are highly qualified, have experiences of more than 28 years, and have been serving as primary care physicians or internal medicine doctors for the community near you in Bronx. After such years of experiences, a healthcare provider gets the certification of USCIS to be appointed as immigration doctor for i693. The process of becoming a US Citizen requires a lot of paperwork and a little loophole can ruin the whole application. It is a nerve wracking process and your medical immigration exam is one of the most crucial parts of the medical test for green card. In the process of Immigration Medical Exam, the expertise and experience of the immigration doctor really matters. The experienced doctors of NYCDocs have seen patients from almost all the ethnicity of the world. They have served the diverse community and performed immigration medical exams for them. In Bronx, New York, NYCDocs should be your first choice when you go for a green card medical exam. 

I 693 report, also known as Immigration Medical Examination (IME) is a compulsory requisite for green card medical exam in Bronx, New York.

What Is a U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) Medical Exam For?

To receive an i 693 it is crucial to go for a medical examination for immigration in New York. The reason to get Immigration Medical Examination (IME) in Bronx is to make sure that the “i 693” exam applicants are fit for United State Health Standards. In your journey of USCIS in NY, there are diverse stages. Among them, immigration medical examination is very important. IME makes sure that the i 693 candidate is in sound health and is not a threat for public health. When you think of getting a green card in Bronx, you need to learn about every detail of the i693 medical exam. The rules and the requirements change over time. It is a good idea to stay updated with the USCIS doctors in NYC to know the current demands of the green card immigration medical exam. The Civil Surgeon of NYCDocs in Bronx, New York will evaluate your unique case and your residence. The policies and the procedures of the medical examination for immigration may change even during the USCIS medical test. So, you should go for an expert and experienced immigration medical exam doctor or a certified USCIS doctor. 

It is critical to navigate the Immigration Medical Exam Process in Bronx. Follow this comprehensive guide and be confidently approachable during the IME in NYC. Be well prepared and informed about each step of the process. Stay proactive, gather required documents, and effectively communicate with the panel physician. Good luck on your immigration journey. 

What Documents Do You Need for Immigration Medical exam?

You need to make your documents properly ready if you are planning to go for an i 693 medical exam. Your valid passport, the visa papers and documents, any past medical history, immunization and vaccination documents. Your USCIS medical exam doctor will check your documents and suggest any required modification if needed. 

Find the Best USCIS Doctor or Immigration Medical Examination (IME) Doctor Near You in Bronx, NYC

To offer the best i 693 service to the residents of New York who are applying for the green card medical exam, the primary care physicians of Bronx are ready to conduct your IME. The Civil Surgeon of green card medical exam is there to understand your unique demands and provide comprehensive personalized service to you and your family. All you have to do is, make an appointment with the Civil Surgeon who is an expert in the USCIS medical exam and get your medical check for immigration.

USCIS i693

The Key Role of USCIS Doctors in Bronx, NYC

The green card doctors of NYCDocs follow the technical instructions of the immigration physical examination of USCIS. The green card Civil Surgeon will understand your health condition, perform a health evaluation, provide necessary vaccination and other treatment, and offer mental counseling to get prepared for the Immigration Physical Exam in Bronx, NY. 

How to Schedule an Appointment with the immigration medical exam doctor near you in Bronx?

If you are looking for the best immigration doctor near you in Bronx, schedule it with NYCDocs without a single doubt. Contact primary care physicians of Bronx according to your suitable time and make an appointment with them for your Immigration Medical Examination. 

An immigration doctor will guide you in the whole immigration medical exam process. The IME doctor will also provide counseling to you and your family. You have to go through an overall health assessment in the Immigration Medical Exam. The green card Civil Surgeon will conduct blood tests, chest X-rays, and other health conditions. They will help you to make sure that your current health is properly assessed and fit to apply for the i693. 

What Are the Latest Rules and Requisites for Immigration Medical Exams in Bronx, NYC?

Immigration medical test includes a diverse steps of medical examination for immigration also known as USCIS i693. The past medical history is very crucial for a U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) medical test in Bronx. An overall health assessment in the must for an immigration medical exam. The green card Civil Surgeon will conduct blood tests, chest X-rays, and other health conditions. They will help you to make sure that your current health is properly assessed and fit to apply for the i693. An evaluation like skin test, x-ray for tuberculosis is done. There will be various blood tests to check syphilis and previous vaccination will be checked. The immigration medical doctor of Bronx will examine your eyesight, eye health, hearing test, ears, noses, necks and throat, any uncontrollable diseases, breathing, lungs health, both abdomen and their internal organs, heart health and heart diseases, any lymph or nodules, etc. 

The Vaccination Screening for Medical Examination for Green Card

The immunizations for immigration medical cards are mumps, measles, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, toxoids, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae type B, rotavirus, hepatitis A and B, meningococcal prevention vaccines. The immigration physical doctor will evaluate your health and immunization status. The doctor will check if your vaccinations are up-to-date. There are also some certain vaccines which are needed only for green card physical. The immigration medical exam doctor near you in Bronx will review your immunization status and will provide any missing one at the time of the green card examination. 

Screening of the Communicable Diseases by the IME doctor

If the health screening reveals that you are carrying any communicable diseases like syphilis or tuberculosis, the doctor will provide you required treatments and schedule further evaluation for immigration physical. Your skin is properly checked to understand if there is any underlying condition that can be hazardous or contagious to public health. An immigration medical test can fail if they diagnose you with a communicable health condition.

Will There be any Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)? 

There will be a screening for Immigration medical exam to identify if you are infected by any STIs. You will be failed in the IME if you have such underlying issues. Before you talk about your private problem, you should look for such Civil Surgeons whose privacy policy matches your requirements. It is a good idea if you discuss this with your Civil Surgeons of NYCDocs. The green card doctor of NYCDocs in Bronx will strictly maintain your privacy and deal with your health issues with high confidentiality. They will understand your requirements, conduct tests of your health, and provide counseling. Do not hesitate to talk openly about it. Try to gather knowledge about the importance of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) screening. 

Physical Checkup for Immigration Requires Urine Analysis for Your Health if You are 15 Years Old or Older

For a USCIS medical exam near you in Bronx, your immigration doctor will do a urine analysis. It is a part of the IME. In this process, your urine will be analyzed for some specific requirements. Gonorrhea and syphilis are being checked in this process. If you are diagnosed positive, you will have to seek proper treatments. After getting cured you can apply for the USCIS i 693 exam. 

Your mental health will be keenly observed by the USCIS Civil Surgeon in Bronx, New York 

If you are applying for immigration medical exam, the condition of your mental health is very important. The USCIS medical examination will observe your mental health to understand your intelligence, your analytical skill, your way of judgments, your mood, behavior, anger, and the way of looking at things in detail. This mental health checkup will let the Civil Surgeon understand if you have any potentiality to become violent in future. For the betterment of the community, this mental health checkup is done. 

There Will be a Drug Screening by the Immigration Medical Doctor in Bronx

Addiction to drugs or any other substance is not accepted. In this green card exam, the doctor will do a drug test on you. The Civil Surgeon of NYCDocs will ask you if you take any prescribed drug like Diazepam or anything like that. They will also check if you are currently doing any drug or alcohol abuse. If you have any history of such substances like drugs or alcohol abuse, that also needs to be included in the i 693 report. 

How to Submit the Immigration Medical exam result? 

When the green card medical test is completed, you will get a signed form of i-693. Your immigration medical doctor will put your USCIS exam result in that form. You have to submit the form with your green card application. Furthermore, if the officer assumes that the medical condition of the applicant has changed after the submission of the i693 form, you might have to submit a new form. There are different rules for the applicants who have done their immigration green card medical exam from overseas. This is applicable for the fiances, spouses, asylee dependents, and refugees. They do not need to repeat the whole green card physical examination process again. Once your Civil Surgeon signs your I-693 form, it becomes acceptable by the USCIS. But if your whole application has some lack of information and didn’t 

meet any required criteria, your application will get rejected.

Follow-Up Requirements for the Green Card Medical 

In some special situations you might need to do follow-ups with the green card doctors. You might need to go for some diagnostic tests or treatments. All of these depend on your immigration medical examination results. These further and additional procedures should be carefully approached to make sure a smooth green card process. 

There are Differences Between USCIS Civil Surgeon and a Panel Physician

When the applicant is currently residing inside the US, the green card medical applicant must go for an USCIS approved physician. They are also called Civil Surgeons. If you are looking for an approved Immigration physical doctor, USCIS website has the list of experienced and certified green card doctors. For the applicants who are applying from outside of the United States, they should conduct a physical examination from a physician who is approved by the US Department of State. These doctors are called panel physicians. If you visit the website of the department of state to find the approved immigration doctor near you in your country, you will find panel physicians. You have to face all the demanded immigration medical test procedures if you want to become an US immigrant. By following these processes, you will be able to apply for the immigration to the US. All the panel physicians of other countries are approved and listed by the US Department of State.

What to Remember while Submitting I-693? 

I-693 is a federal form which has been revised multiple times lately. It always goes under revision every year. Any immigration medical exam applicant who is applying for green card or PR card, must submit the valid versions of the form i-693. The i-693 immigration medical exam form needs to be completed by a certified USCIS Civil Surgeon. All the reports of the green card health exam will be in the i-693 form. The timelines should be maintained accordingly to schedule all the necessary steps of the USCIS exam. Keep enough time in your hand for all the required testing of your reports. It includes lab testing or any other additional testing that falls under the USCIS exam. 

Crucial Things to Keep in Mind

When your immigration medical exam will be completed, the green card doctor of NYCDocs will seal the envelope. The envelope contains the completed i-693 form. Remember that the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) will not accept any damaged or opened envelope. I-693 form is valid for 12 months. Your Civil Surgeon will keep a copy for future reference. After all these procedures you have to mail the documents along with the I 693 and I 485 form. You can also submit the form i 693 to the USCIS field office. Sometimes an interview is required.