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Get an Employment Physical Exam in Bronx from NYCDocs

Comprehensive employment physical exams in the Bronx as part of our occupational medical services.

NYCDocs offers comprehensive employment physical exams in the Bronx as part of our occupational medical services. We aim to assess the physical fitness and health status of the employees. You can walk into our clinics with or without appointment. Our primary care doctors offer pre employment and post employment physicals in Bronx. Employers decide to hire and retain employees based on the result of employment physical. 

We offer employment physicals in Bronx conducted at a medical center conveniently located near the highway, with large parking space for your easy access. We understand the importance of effective communication. We are proud to offer multilingual approach with Spanish-speaking doctors to communicate Spanish speaking employees.

What are Employment Physicals?

Employment physical is done to assess the physical ability of an employee to execute and perform job-related tasks. This health assessment is done by our primary care doctors in Bronx. It usually evaluates the overall health, fitness, and medical of the employee. According to the American Disabilities Act, the physical exam must be related to the job the applicant has applied to. 

Employment Physicals Services in Bronx

Medical Examinations

Our experienced occupational health physicians will check the overall health of the employee through physical examinations. We check their medical history to understand any past health concerns. We assess their physical fitness through various indicators. It is done to see whether they can perform job related tasks or not. We also do various blood tests to understand how healthy the employees are. These tests check your blood count, cholesterol levels, blood sugar,  kidney function and liver condition etc.

Vision and Hearing Tests

Our doctors will perform the vision and hearing tests of the employee. They are designed to identify any impairments that may affect job performance and safety. The hearing test is done to see that candidate can hear different sounds and speech clearly for a safe and effective work environment. The visual screening is done to see near and far vision.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our occupational doctors in Bronx will screen for drugs and alcohol. Our tests are conducted with accuracy and compliance with industry standards. A urine test is done to detect common illegal drugs. A breath test is usually done to assess alcohol levels.

Pulmonary function testing 

We assess your lung function through pulmonary function testing. It measures different aspects of lung function of the employee. It is done to see whether they can work perfectly in hazardous work conditions. This test is an important part of firefighter physical.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

At NYCDocs, our primary care physicians in Bronx will check and verify the vaccination of the employees. The requirements can change according to the employer policy, industry and nature of the work. Usually it is required for them to take vaccinations of Influenza, Hepatitis B, and COVID-19 vaccines.

NYCDocs offers best employment physical examinations in the Bronx. We offer walk-in appointments at our medical center. You can get an appointment also by filling out our online form.


Why do employees conduct employment physicals?

For any employer, an employee in poor health often means loss of productivity, days missed, and higher insurance costs. So therefore, employers of various industries ask for employment physicals to ensure the health and well-being of their workforce. These examinations help assess whether individuals are physically fit for the demands of their job roles.

Which profession requires pre employment physicals?

Employment physicals are often required for the applicant who might face specific physical demands, health risks, or safety considerations at the applied job. There is usually pre employment physical requirement for following professions:

Can I go to urgent care for pre-employment physicals?

You can go to urgent care for pre-employment physicals in the medical center that has urgent care facilities. NYCDocs has a walk in appointment facility to accommodate the urgent need of any employee.

How long does the process usually take?

The time duration of the pre-employment physical examination will depend on your employer’s policies. The entire process usually completes less than an hour.