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Internal Medicine Tests & Procedures in Bronx

Internal Medicine Tests & Procedures Services in Bronx, New York

The best test and procedure service in Bronx is available at NYCDocs. Our primary care physicians are trusted and dedicated. We are here to offer the best Clinical Diagnostic Services in New York City. Your good health and well-being is our top priority. We have routine check-ups and advanced specialized check-ups. It includes tests for minor everyday elements like preventive care. We also provide tests for conditions like kidney problems to cancer screenings. We have advanced technology for Colonoscopy, Echocardiogram, CT Scan, and Bone Density Test in Bronx, New York.

Health Assessment Services

The Primary Care Physicians of Bronx are highly experienced in performing a proper health assessment on you. Physical examination is the first condition to perform any healthcare on the patients. Our comprehensive assessment is designed to provide the best preventive care. As a result you receive a thorough assessment to identify any complicacy at an early stage. We make sure you get timely intervention and individualized care from NYCDocs in Bronx. 

Comprehensive Screening Services

NYCDocs prioritize the significance of early detection and treatment. Our contemporary and conventional screening services cover all the sections. 

Cardiovascular Screening in Bronx

We have advanced technology to monitor your regular blood pressure. We also provide chest scans, cholesterol screening, and cardiac catheterization. Our best angiogram service is the first choice of our regular cardiac patients. Hypertension is the beginning of any heart disease. We ensure your heart health to be proactive and give you a quality lifestyle. 

Cancer screening in Bronx NY

Most cancer patients die from the lack of early detection. If you can make sure you are tested at a very early stage, you give us a chance to provide you the best treatment. We offer detailed screening for Breast and Cervical cancers or pap tests for our female patients. We have prostate cancer screening too. Colorectal screening is our unique feature. Our cancer screening is structured to diagnose and avoid risk factors of the community. 

Diabetes Screening in Bronx NY

Diabetes is manageable when it is monitored sincerely. NYCDocs offer detailed diagnosis for diabetic patients. We ensure timely intervention and management of blood sugar. Sugar present in urine is also diagnosed here . We promote management of blood sugar and provide proper counseling to empower our diabetic patients. 

Blood tests in Bronx 

The best internal medicine doctors of Bronx perform a variety of blood tests. We offer blood tests to assess the functions of your Internal organs. Blood tests are done to screen specific conditions and monitor overall health. Our primary care physicians are dedicated to analyzing your results. We ensure your comprehensive personalized care at NYCDocs. Our blood tests include the Bilirubin Test to check liver functions. Complete Blood Count is our unique blood test in Bronx. 

Vaccinations & Immunizations

For preventive primary care NYCDocs is your first place to go in Bronx. Our general doctors are highly experienced to provide all the up-to-date vaccinations to prevent diseases. Our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) enables you to keep vaccination schedules and vaccination records. Our EMR helps to treat you accurately in future. Visit NYCDocs for the best Immunization and vaccination services in Bronx, NY. 

Asthma and Respiratory Disease

To treat your asthma and respiratory diseases, early detection is compulsory. Come to NYCDocs in New York for your respiratory check-ups. Most adolescents and older people suffer from asthma problems. Do not neglect any breathing difficulties and schedule your appointment with the Primary Care Physicians in Bronx, NYC. 

Lung Disease

Lung disease can be fatal if it is not diagnosed and treated at the right time. The best internal medicine doctors are well equipped to screen your lungs. We offer all the clinical laboratory testing services at NYCDocs in Bronx. 

Neurological Conditions

The general practitioner of NYCDocs offers screening for neurological conditions. CT Scan, dementia testing, depression, schizophrenia screening, Alzheimer's Disease, Epilepsy and Seizures, etc are done here in NYCDocs. After screening and diagnosis, our Internal Medicine doctors give you proper counseling for neurological disorders in Bronx. 


If you are suffering from obesity disorders, our PCPs will diagnose the actual reasons behind that. They will perform all the necessary tests on you. After that you will be given proper counseling from our practitioner. Diet chart and exercises for weight management. 

Kidney Conditions

To detect kidney conditions NYCDocs offer imaging services and CT scan. We offer blood tests and biopsy to understand kidney conditions. We offer urine tests to accurately detect any serious condition of renal function. We offer GFR blood tests to check the function of GFR. We also provide albumin tests for urine. 

Joint and Orthopedic Conditions

NYCDocs have diagnoses for joint and orthopedic conditions. We offer tests for Spinal tap, bone density exam, spinal puncture, etc in Bronx, New York. Our advanced technology has the latest MRI machine to do tests like this. 

Digestive problems and liver diseases

Digestive problems can be a sign of liver disease. Blood tests are done to detect liver problems. Ultrasound, CT Scan, and MRI are done to understand liver damages. 

Women's Health

We prioritize the good health of the women in our community. Women suffer from various conditions. From reproductive health to hormonal problems, women face difficulties. We offer blood tests, screening, imaging, and other diagnostic services. Make an appointment and visit NYCDocs for all the support for women’s health and development. We offer Thyroid Function Tests for women. 

We Provide Expert Guidance 

Our expert guidance is aimed to provide you with a quality lifestyle. Our primary care physicians hold a holistic approach to provide services beyond tests and procedures Bronx. We provide you with an individualized diet plan to maintain good health. Regular exercise is recommended to have a stress free life. We focus on empowering our patients to have a balanced lifestyle. 

NYCDocs have the easiest way to make a walk-in or online appointment. Visit the best Primary Care Physicians in Bronx by scheduling your appointment with us. Our patient friendly environment will make you experience a warm welcome from us.