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Suboxone Detox Treatment Clinic in Bronx, NYC

Best Suboxone Detox center is now near you in Bronx, New York.

The best Suboxone Detox center is now near you in Bronx, New York. NYCDocs has been offering the Best Suboxone Detox Treatment as part of our mental health service.

Our Medical Center is teamed with the best Mental Health Doctors in New York to provide best possible service. They are certified, trained, experienced, and experts are here to guide you through the Detox from the substance process with the utmost care and expertise.

If someone is prescribed Suboxone as part of opioid addiction treatment and takes it too much in a short period of time; they are addicted. Some of the symptoms of abusing that substance includes: nausea, diarrhea, muscle aches, insomnia, slurred speech, depression, poor memory and concentration etc. They will need Detox treatment to live a healthy and balanced life. 

What is Suboxone Detox?

Suboxone is an addiction Medicine that combines buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to treat opioid addiction. However if someone gets addicted to it, detoxification is required. The detoxification treatment refers to the process of discontinuing or tapering off the use of Suboxone. NYCDocs offer Suboxone Detox treatment to treat individuals with safety and compassion.

The Detox Specialists: NYCDocs

While making such a crucial decision, consider NYCDocs as your best partner for Suboxone Detox Treatment. Our service is designed to treat substance addiction and offers proper mental health counseling for recovery programs. The Addiction Specialists Of NYCDocs has a collaborative care approach combined with addiction medicine, therapy, and mental health counseling. 

Our Suboxone Detox Treatment Services:

Comprehensive Assessment

Our expert primary care doctors will do a comprehensive assessment of the patient who wants Suboxone detox treatment. We get to understand the severity of the substance abuse and your overall health condition. Our occupational health doctors will evaluate their medical history, substance use history, physical health, and psychological well-being.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Based on the assessment, we offer personalized Rapid Suboxone Detox plans. This plan consists of the tapering schedule, medication adjustments, and any additional support services needed during the substance abuse recovery process in Bronx.


One of our recovery processes includes a gradual tapering or Suboxone. It is carefully done by reducing the dosage of the substance over the planned duration. So that body can adjust with the reduced substance level and minimize withdrawal symptoms. 

Signs of Suboxone withdrawal

During the drug withdrawal process, patients can feel several  physical and psychological symptoms. The symptoms include tiredness, restlessness, agitation, muscle discomfort, drug cravings, sweating, hot or cold flashes and appetite loss. Our mental health doctors prioritize the well being of the patient and therefore they offer symptom management support as well.

Accessible Location With A Huge Parking Lot Near Cross Bronx Expressway

Our medical center is highly accessible for all as it is located very close to Cross Bronx Expy Highway. We care for your anxiety about car parking in any Bronx Addiction Treatment Center. We ensure your safety and security by parking your vehicle in our wide parking space. 

Multilingual Approach: Spanish Speaking Doctors in New York

Our Doctors team has multilingual specialities to treat various addiction of the patients from diverse ethnicity and language. The Spanish speaking Suboxone Treatment Doctors have been addiction treatment to our Spanish speaking patients for their outpatient recovery for years. NYCDocs is culturally competent to understand your ethnocentric behavior. 

Collaborative Care and Behavioral Therapy

Visit NYCDocs for your Suboxone Detox and receive comprehensive Collaborative Care from our primary care doctors and mental health doctors.Behavioral therapy is an important part of this treatment. . We provide behavioral therapy to patients through counseling with a history of substance abuse. The sessions assess the psychological aspects of addiction and help the addicts to cope with treatment process, and support them in making positive changes in their lifestyle. 

Our Expert Detox Doctors in Bronx

NYCDocs’s physicians are certified in the detox treatment of Suboxone. Our local primary care doctors are authorized to offer this detox service in Bronx, New York. 

Our Internal medicine doctors have a deep understanding of substance abuse treatment and the physical complexities anyone can experience. During your consultation with our qualified Detox Doctors in Bronx, you will feel the warmth of our open communication. We are here to listen to your addiction history and health condition. We provide an individualized treatment plan for your rapid recovery from substance abuse. We have Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to make our services and supports unique and personalized.

To become detoxified from Suboxone, make an online or walk-in appointment on our most user friendly healthcare website in Bronx, NY. Get help today. 

Follow-up and Ongoing Support 

To stay healthy and motivated, regular follow-ups and care is important. We provide aftercare for suboxone detoxification in Bronx. Our addiction specialists can refer you to a rehab clinic in Bronx if your condition needs an advanced level of Medical Detoxification in New York City.

Insurance Coverage

We accept almost all the insurances available in Bronx, New York. We cover Oxford Health Plans, United Healthcare, Molina Healthcare, healthfirst, healthnet, EmblemHealth, Empire, Humana, Magnacare, MetroPlus Health Plan, Medicare and Medicaid, etc. If you don't have any insurance plan, take our walk-in appointment.