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Best TLC Physical & Screening in Bronx, NY

NYCDocs provides TLC health assessment at their medical center in Bronx is near the highway exit.

All driver applicants and renewals need to complete medical exam and screening to drive a taxi or other for hire vehicle in New York City under the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) rules. NYCDocs provides this mandatory TLC health assessment in Bronx. Our doctors check your overall physical health, vision, hearing and more vitals to certify you are fit for safely operating taxis, rideshares, limos or other passenger transports across the NYC Boroughs.

Our medical center in Bronx is near the highway exit. We have huge parking space. This ensures high accessibility for all. Our experienced medical officer will measure vital signs, review your medical history, conduct vision and hearing tests, and perform a physical evaluation to thoroughly screen aspects related to driving capabilities. We handle all documentation needed for your TLC driver's license application. Contact us to schedule your convenient TLC medical exam with our Bronx office today.

Complete Your TLC Driver Medical Exam Conveniently in Bronx

As an authorized TLC testing facility conveniently located in the Bronx area, NYCDocs provides licensed rideshare and taxi driver applicants with fully compliant medical examinations and screenings which comprehensively evaluate your physical/mental health to safely operate passenger vehicles throughout NYC boroughs.

Applicable Drivers Requiring Screening

Complete Your TLC Driver Medical Exam Conveniently in Bronx.

As an authorized TLC testing facility conveniently located in the Bronx area, NYCDocs provides licensed rideshare and taxi driver applicants with fully compliant medical examinations and screenings that comprehensively evaluate your physical/mental health to operate passenger vehicles throughout NYC boroughs safely.

Our Health Evaluation Protocol

Our qualified occupational health doctors will perform series of wellness checks meeting TLC testing standards including:

Comprehensive Health History Analysis

Our primary care doctors will thoroughly review medical history of the applicant to see any medical conditions or surgeries you have or have had in the past. It is done to assess any conditions possibly affecting transport safety. We also have Spanish speaking doctors in our medical center. They can provide the service to Spanish speaking patients.

Physical Check-Up and Vitals Tracking

Our doctors will do in-depth analysis of vision sharpness, hearing capacity, neurological reflexes and blood pressure/heart rate checks. It determines the physical ability covering all passenger vehicle operation facets. 

Vaccination Verification & Updates

We review immunization records of the applicants. Candidate must have vaccinations certificate of Tetanus, Influenza, Hepatitis A & B, Polio and Typhoid to pass the TLC medical exam.

Fulfilling NYC TLC Health Standards

During your appointment at our Bronx medical center serving NYC communities for over 15 years, our team of experienced physicians and nurses will facilitate all aspects of the required health assessment, including:

Vision Testing

The doctor will check the condition of your eyesight. For instance how well you can see details, your side vision, and your ability to tell colors apart. In this test they use a chart, usually the Snellen chart, placed 20 feet away. You read the smallest letters you can. It's good to have at least 20/40 vision in both eyes, with glasses if needed. 

Hearing Test

 Our doctors will assess the hearing ability. They will detect sounds across various frequencies and volumes. You must be able to hear normal conversational speech from several feet away. Clear hearing allows you to listen to passenger needs and be alert to horns, sirens or other important sounds while operating your vehicle.

Reflex/Movement Exam

Our occupational health doctors will check the physical reflexes and motor skills to gauge coordination, flexibility and responsiveness. Knee jitter, hand grip and other assessments determine if you have full control of your movements for safe driving.

Vital Testing

Our doctors will check the vital signs of the drivers like blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature. It shows about your cardiovascular and metabolic health condition. Abnormal results may indicate conditions like hypertension or diabetes that could impact driving abilities and require medical attention.

Substance Screening

Urine, blood or breath tests will be checked by our primary care doctors for prohibited levels of drugs, alcohol or controlled substances that could dangerously impair judgment and driving skills. The drug and alcohol testing is done strictly adherence to anti-impairment regulations promotes public safety.

Mental Evaluation 

Our mental health doctors will thoroughly inspect all components of physical well being and mental fitness in order to provide medically-sound clearance permitting you to drive passengers under TLC guidelines.

Streamlined Bronx Facility Offering Premium Care

Our accessible location just off the Cross Bronx Expressway features ample parking for a quick, stress-free visit. As experienced NYC medical professionals catering to Spanish-speaking drivers and diverse populations, our medical officers will provide thoughtful guidance throughout the examination process. 

Post-Assessment Documentation Certifying Your Fitness to Drive

Once fully screening health elements related to safe driving capabilities, our physicians will complete all required paperwork and certifications to validate successful completion. It will permit you to proceed with license/permit applications confidently knowing the TLC medical prerequisites have been fulfilled at our conveniently located Bronx office.

We look forward to helping ensure passenger and driver wellbeing throughout NYC boroughs by facilitating thorough, compassionate TLC medical examinations meeting state requirements. Please reach out with any questions before scheduling your assessment.

At NYCDocs, we make it simple to book a same-day or future appointment with our primary care physicians in the Bronx. Whether you schedule online or walk into our office, our team provides a smooth and welcoming experience. Our patient-friendly environment and advanced medical care have made us the top choice for primary care in the Bronx area. We look forward to providing you with personalized care and excellent occupational health service at your next appointment. Contact NYCDocs today to schedule a visit and see why we are the premier provider of primary care physicians in the Bronx.


How do you know you Need for TLC Assessment?

TLC mandates medical examinations for new license permits, renewals if your health certification expired or every two years for existing drivers above a certain age threshold to confirm ongoing fitness standards are upheld for the safety of yourself and thousands of NYC passengers as you traverse the boroughs. Check with the TLC site to determine your testing time frame.

How Often Should I Take the TLC Exam?

The TLC medical exam is done every two years for most drivers in NYC.