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Know the importance of telemedicine service in primary care in Bronx
Telemedicine service in Bronx
Mar 09, 2024 576 views

The importance of telemedicine was well observable during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become a necessity in this modern era of hustling. Telemedicine is bringing revolution both for the primary medical care providers and the beneficiaries. Ataul Chowdhury, MD from NYCDocs in Bronx, New York says Telemedicine is like having a doctor in your pocket. Imagine talking to your primary care doctor on your phone and computer whenever needed. This puts location, time, and place aside and makes healthcare a priority.

What is Telemedicine?

Telehealth (or telemedicine) is a way for patients to have an appointment with a doctor without coming to the clinic. It is also known as a virtual doctor appointment.  Patients can connect to their doctor through a simple phone call.

How useful Telehealth is in primary care?

Telemedicine is helping us in various ways for primary care. Online medical consultation broadens the healthcare section by ensuring that no patient is left behind. It leads to increased convenience for patients due to lower travel cost and time; and less time spent in waiting rooms. It has resulted in lower risk of transmission of communicable diseases. Here is why telemedicine is the next big thing in primary care service.

Emergency Consultation

Simple verbal communication through digital consultation with a healthcare provider during an emergency can save a patient's life.  Many primary healthcare clinics are nowadays offering digital medical assistance to make healthcare a primary priority. One popular clinic in the Bronx, New York that offers telemedicine services is NYCDocs. With an experienced team of primary care practitioners, the clinic is earning a good reputation in this section.

Remote Monitoring

Primary care in telemedicine has been beyond just virtual consultations. Primary care providers can remotely track the important health vital of patients through health monitoring technologies.

At NYCDOCs, doctors can remotely track vitals and manage chronic diseases of their patients. It ensures timely adjustments to treatment plans and medication in Bronx. This real time data enhances diagnostic accuracy. It supports personalized treatment plans and overall well being of our patients.

Improved Follow-up Care

Telemedicine is a blessing for patients who are on follow-up care. During a follow-up, a primary care doctor usually assesses the progress of the treatment, addresses Questions and Concerns, or makes follow-up recommendations. When you take a virtual appointment, you do not need to visit the clinic every day for a regular follow-up. Your phone or computer is enough to reach that follow-up routine.

Improved Access to Healthcare

Telemedicine service is very crucial for people for individuals in remote or underserved areas. Virtual consultation helps to overcome geographical barriers. It allows patients to connect with expert primary care doctors remotely and receive quality healthcare without the need for travel. It also allows vulnerable populations to access healthcare. It includes individuals with disabilities, older adults, and those with limited mobility. NYCDocs ensures quality healthcare is accessible to all patients without geographical, age or mobility constraints.

Saves Travel Cost and Time

Telemedicine services for primary care save on travel costs and time. Individuals do not need physical visits to the doctor's clinic. There is no need for long commutes or spending time in the waiting room. The cost savings in telemedicine don't lead to lower quality of service. Reputable clinics such as NYCDocs aim to make meaningful contributions to the healthcare sector. When investing in virtual healthcare services, you can expect to receive quality service at our home. We ensure comprehensive healthcare experience.

Choosing a Telemedicine Service Provider

Certified clinics with professional practitioners and communication experts provide virtual e-healthcare services to access patients in need. While choosing a Telemedicine service provider, consider these few things-

  • The range of services offered
  • Reputation of the clinic
  • Ease of access and overall cost
  • Respect of Privacy
  • Quality of care

In the Bronx, New York, NYCDocs has gained a good reputation for delivering respectful and qualified virtual health care services. Our certified internal doctors and practitioners provide a wide range of primary care services. Starting from health assessment, vaccination, preventive care to women health screening and suboxone detox treatment, they have got all covered. We also offer various occupational services like DOT Physical, Immigration Physical, Firefighter Physical and Employment Physicals. Our mental health doctors offer behavioral health counseling and therapy for anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns. To get best healthcare service, you may consider NYCDocs if you are from the Bronx, New York.