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Discover the importance of Occupational Health Physical Screening in Workplace Well-being.
occupational health screening
Feb 15, 2024 810 views

Surrounding impact workflow is a prevalent statement all around. Employers know that very well. Occupational health screening or assessment thus comes into importance these days. By assessing the overall health and mental condition, occupational health screening ensures that the employees are all set to deliver their best in a relevant work environment. What occupational health physical screening does is that some experienced healthcare professionals conduct thorough assessments. This includes medical history reviews, physical examinations, and functional tests. The primary aim is to ensure that employees are ready to perform their duties safely and effectively for the better growth of any workforce.

What is occupational health screening?

Occupational health assessment is more than a regular medical checkup. The objective here is to evaluate the physical health of employees before or after recruitment concerning the tasks they will be performing in the workplace. This is important because the overall mental and physical health of an employee determines productivity. For a company to generate revenue, productivity is essential.

The Consequence of mental and physical health on work environments

It is found that around 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety. The worth of Lost Productivity is US$ 1 trillion per year. This is grave and henceforth a crucial matter to consider. Employee well-being directly influences productivity, job satisfaction, and overall organizational success. An employee in a good physical and mental state delivers three times better output than one with a poor mental and physical state. It lies upon the employers to create an environment that promotes mental and physical well-being. Initiatives such as wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, access to medical health resources, and promoting work-life balance always enhance employee motivation. At this point, the importance of occupational health assessments comes into effect.

The Importance of Occupational Health Physical Screening in Workplace Well-being

Occupational health assessment is important in many ways. Doing some simple but effective medical screenings ensures that any company is getting the best possible return on investment. Identifying health risks early helps employers make workplaces safer, reduce accidents, and enhance well-being. Pre-employment screenings play a vital role in finding candidates with roles that match their physical capabilities. It is a smart investment with big economic benefits. Doing a pre-employment screening before recruitment can lead to greater job satisfaction and retention. It is possible to cut down medical costs and prevent injuries by identifying risks at early stages through the checkup. Fit employees mean less absenteeism and turnover, saving on recruitment. Such savings while managing risks can ultimately create a healthy workforce to generate maximum revenue. Occupational health screening aims to create a culture of safety, health, and productivity in the post-employment section as well. Effective physical health assessment at regular intervals ensures that everything is going right with a business. It is always a proactive approach that not only safeguards the workforce but also enhances the sustainability of any business.

Top Occupational Health Services for New Yorkers

Occupational health services play a crucial role in the assessment of physical condition of the employees and in maintaining a safe work environment. The specific services offered may vary depending on the needs of the workplace and the nature of the industry. Here are some top occupational health services commonly provided by primary clinics in New York that address to address the diverse needs of the community :

1. Employment Physicals

This section is for pre-employment evaluations to periodic health assessments. Based on the report provided by the clinic, employers can decide whether to recruit or terminate an employee. The physicians perform several Medical Examinations before certifying whether a candidate is able or not to work conveniently in a relevant work environment.

2. DOT Physical

Road safety is a major issue. Most of the time road rage and unwanted accidents happen due to the low mental stability of the drivers. It is always important for every commercial motor vehicle driver to go through some medical assessment. At the clinic in Bronx with high accessibility, certified experts perform vision, hearing, blood pressure, pulse rate, sleep apnea, and physical exams before certifying a driver as ready to drive on the road.  

3. TLC Physical:

Taxi and Limousine Commission drivers provide essential transportation services to New Yorkers. TLC physicals ensure that drivers meet licensing requirements. Through intensive evaluation of physical health, the doctors work to promote professionalism and safety in the industry.

4. Firefighter Physical

To ensure firefighters' readiness, firefighter physicals are important physical examinations as per the NFPA 1582 code. The doctors at the clinic usually follow comprehensive methodologies. This covers some of the important areas, including cardiovascular, respiratory, hearing, vision, and immune health, including blood work and EKGs. At the same time, NYCDocs has convenient on-site exam points. One of the things worth mentioning is the organization’s multilingual staff. This makes communication a priority and more accessible.

5. Drug and Alcohol Testing:

Drug and alcohol testing is essential assessment of employees to maintain a work environment with security. This is done to protect employees from accidents and also saves the employer from potential liability. NYCDOCS provides efficient solutions for all testing needs regarding Drugs and Alcohol with over 15 years of experience. The certified doctors do comprehensive assessment that comprises of saliva swab analysis, and urinalysis at their Bronx clinic.

Choosing the right Occupational health service Clinic

We are living in a period of bustle and hustle. What makes sense in personal life may not work out in the workplace. That is when a balance between the physical and mental state becomes necessary, especially when you are working for a company or organization. At the same time, it is the responsibility of every employer to choose the best-suited candidate for any work environment to produce better growth and productivity. Nowadays this is achieved through occupational health screening. The question that comes in then is where to take the services. When choosing an Occupational Health Clinic for an individual or organization purposes, remember these few things mentioned below-

  • The healthcare experts of the clinic should undergo a personalized approach.
  • The clinicians should be committed to promoting well-being, including counseling and rehabilitation.
  • Occupational health assessment also needs to follow some legal requirements, depending on the field of service. Ensure that the clinic you are choosing is respectful of the legal requirements. This makes it complete and meaningful.

If you are from New York and thinking about taking an Occupational health evaluation for your own need or organization, consider visiting NYCDocs. It is expected that you will get the best of the occupational health services possible.