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Internal Medicine Doctors in Bronx

NYCDocs has a panel of expert professional Internal medicine doctors in Bronx, NY. Internal medicine doctors, commonly known as the internists, work as doctors of adults. Our Internal Medicine Doctors in Bronx help you solve diagnostic issues and long-term illnesses, give vaccines to children and adults for disease prevention, do some in-hospital lab testing, and treat non-surgical primary and chronic conditions.

Internal Medicine Doctors and Primary care in Bronx

What is a Family Physician?

There are family physicians, who are mainly the primary physicists. Board-certified Primary Care Physicians are available in various settings in the Bronx, including hospitals, clinics, individual practice locations, or as a part of a group practice.

There are specific comparisons among Internal Medicine Doctors, Primary care doctors, and Family doctors. "Internal medicine doctor," "Family medicine doctor," and "Primary care doctor" seem similar sometimes, and people get confused about it. Internists in Bronx, NY, are specially trained to treat adults with their various complex health issues. Whereas family medicine doctors address conditions in patients of all ages."Primary care doctor (PCP)" indicates both internal and family care doctors, and it usually refers to the doctor who acts as the initial physician contact for patients. Our personalized attention and the exceptional doctor-patient relationship is the hallmark of our Internal medical practice across the Bronx, NY. 

Our promise

We're devoted to making healthcare accessible to all in the Bronx. We interact with the community to deal with today's social justice issues via support, collaboration, and power sharing. We offer primary and internal care for patients of all ages in the Bronx.

primary and internal care for patients of all ages in the Bronx

We accept insurance

We accept easy insurance, which includes Oxford Health Plans, United Healthcare, Molina Healthcare, healthfirst, healthnet, EmblemHealth, Empire, Humana, Magnacare, MetroPlus Health Plan, Medicare and Medicaid. Even for patients who don't have any insurance, we provide urgent care to them. We are focused on delivering reliable medical guidance from our panel of qualified physicians and professionals. The main focus is to make Primary and internal care health services available to everyone in the community. Adults can understand their own and their children's symptoms, but due to a lack of proper communication, information, and availability of primary health services, they don't understand how to approach it. So our Primary and Internal health care physicians are here to make it easy for you. 

Are internists the same as primary care physicists?

The Internists are not the same as primary care physicists. Primary care physicians are also known as family doctors. In comparison, internists are mainly doctors for adults. Internal medicine doctors fall under PCP. They treat diagnostic issues, long-term illness, disease prevention, and non-surgical primary and chronic conditions. In Bronx, NYCDocs provides all kinds of support under internal medicine. 

General physicians  

General practitioners from NYCDocs in Bronx are doctors who usually provide general health services to patients of all ages in any setup like a home, office, clinic, hospital, or primary health care center. It usually doesn't include any complex or surgical treatment. 

General medicine and internal medicine 

NYCDocs has General medicine doctors and Internal medicine doctors in the Bronx. General medicine doctors are there to treat your common problems like flu, provide first aid, fever, and so on. At the same time, internal medicine doctors in the Bronx are there to treat multiple internal issues of adults. We specialize in treating all kinds of internal organs and their interactions with one another. Internal medicine doctors treat different types of long-term illnesses such as diabetics, high cholesterol, allergies, dermatology, common physical examination, digestive system, respiratory, circulatory, and endocrine. These types of illnesses affect other organs slowly. The primary health physicians of NYCDocs in Bronx, who are mainly internal medicine doctors, especially treat adults, provide long-term follow-ups, checkups, counseling, prescribe medicine, and treat non-surgical conditions. General practitioners prescribe general medicines to patients of all ages.

Who are the general practitioners in Bronx, NY?

General physicians treat both children and adults. NYCDocs provides primary care and internal care in Bronx, NY. While providing primary health care, our general or Internal Medicine physicians can refer the patient to advanced treatment if any specialized care is needed. We can be a pathway for all the patients who need advanced specialized care after seeing Primary Care Physicians in NYCDocs. 

How do I find internal medicine doctors in Bronx, NY?

The Internal medicine doctors of NYCDocs in Bronx, NY, are there for your easy access and just a few steps ahead of your appointment. To keep the community healthy and strong, our internal medicine doctors are there waiting for your appointment. You don't have to worry about anything as long as you have health insurance or not. In that case, we provide urgent care to the patients. Using simple search engines, you can navigate NYCDocs's best internal medicine doctors in Bronx, NY. At your convenience time during your busy schedule, we have flexible hours for your easy virtual or walk-in appointments to pay a visit according to your schedule. 

Is internal medicine primary care?

Internal medicine falls under primary care, but it is more than that. Internal medicine doctors are primary care doctors for adults with various health conditions like psychological, chronic illnesses, hormonal, sports medicine, primary injuries that don't need intensive care and continuous observation, and many more internal medical conditions. 

Internal vs family medicine?

Family care doctors are the primary health care physicians of people of all age groups. Initially, primary health care is given to children and adults. These doctors are often called family doctors. Internal medicine doctors are called internists who only treat adults over 18 years. More specialized doctors of NYCDocs are there to treat more complex internal issues of adults. We provide non-surgical treatments and do lab tests if needed in Bronx. Then, if the patient needs more specialized advanced care, our internal medicine doctors refer the patient to specific specialized care for further treatments. 

Our internists, or physicians specializing in internal medicine, are essential to the Bronx, New York, medical community. We specialize in treating a broad range of difficult medical problems in adults by offering specialized treatment. Our family medicine or primary medicine professionals treat patients of all ages. On the other hand, our internal medicine physicians specialize mainly in adult patients, even though they sometimes serve as primary care providers in Bronx. When needed, our dedicated Internal Medicine Doctors act as a bridge to more advanced and specialized treatment.

To improve community health and well-being in Bronx, New York, NYCDocs's internal medicine and general practice departments are committed to offering the public comprehensive, thorough, and easily accessible treatment.